Decorating With Baskets


Decorating with Baskets


There are many styles and types of baskets. I like to have a mixture of baskets in my home. If I like look of a basket, I’ll get it! I tend to like the older baskets that have the warm patina to them as well as any basket that has an interesting weave.

I recently found this great round basket at Pier1. The weave and dark color are beautiful. Here I’ve used it as a tray on my coffee table to highlight my Fall decor.

Larger baskets are perfect for holding quilts for those nights when you want to snuggle up and watch tv. When you’re done, fold up your quilt and toss it in the basket.

Of course, when we think baskets, we think kitchens…or at least I do. Baskets are the perfect accessory to carry your food to a party or cupcakes to your child’s school. Presentation is key! I have several baskets that I use for various purposes such as holding magazines, but when I need to carry a casserole dish, I grab the basket and toss the magazines out!

Like a lot of you, I have baskets above my cabinets in my kitchen. This is one of my older Longaberger baskets paired with an old lantern and crocks.

Under my kitchen table, there is a shelf that I have placed another basket from Pier1. I have filled it with apples. Because the shelf is difficult to get to, (you have to practically crawl under the table) it is best to use that basket purely for decorative purposes.

In my dining room, I have this beautiful Welsh cabinet that I bought from my Grandmother. She had it custom build about 25 years ago. It one of my favorite pieces. I have a collection of baskets on the top shelf, which adds interest and texture.

Baskets are excellent to use solely as decorative items.

This example is a knock-off of an item I saw a couple of years ago at a popular home decor store. Their version was $500!!! For a glass jug in a basket!! I picked up my glass jug at Garden Ridge for around $12 and the basket at TJ Maxx for $7. It’s the exact same look! Their glass jug was clear and mine is brown…small difference in appearance, big difference in price!

Here, I have a very unique basket that I purchased at Arhaus. I have placed a gathering of candles in it and sat it on a table in my family room. This basket could be used in so many different ways. I love the size and shape of it because it is so different from other baskets. 

When shopping for baskets, think about how you will be using them. If you will be carrying things, like dishes or books, then you will need a stronger basket. Do you need a handle? Think about the size and shape that you need. Do you want to conceal something? If so, then you will want a tight weave. Maybe you’ll need a lid.

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing your baskets. My suggestion…get a variety! You can then pick and choose from your collection based on what your needs are at the moment!


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    I love baskets, whether they are wicker or iron. Your pictures have inspired me, and love the one under the table with the apples. I would crawl under seeking out an apple….unfortunately my kids would not. HA! Isn’t it outrageous what some vendors will charge for decorating items….Ballards, Pottery Barn…etc. I am with you, get a little creative and you can reproduce the look on a shoestring budget, and it is more personal because you put it together! Great post, thanks for including me in on it.

    Shaunna @