Decorating Pumpkins…We’re Not Just Carving Anymore!

Pimp My Pumpkin!


Decorating pumpkins is a hot trend right now! I love all the amazing pumpkin decorating ideas out there! They can be found on Pinterest, blogs and decorating websites. You could spend hours browsing!

This past Friday, our church held a Fall Festival for the community and I had to share a great decorated pumpkin that one of our teens created. Cailee said she got this idea from Pinterest and she did such a great job! Her version of the Mummy Pumpkin is so cute!

Decorating Pumpkins

I love this monogrammed pumpkin at The Shabby Nest. Using upholstery tacks is a great way to give a pumpkin a bit of flare! You could simply trace the initial on the pumpkin and insert your tacks to create your monogram.

Decorating Pumpkins

How absolutely cute is the Caterpillar Pumpkins from BHG?! All you need to do is paint the pumpkins green and add some felt dots. Don’t forget the goggly eyes! This would be so adorable in your front yard!

Decorating Pumpkins

This BHG pumpkin is gorgeous! This simple painted pumpkin resembles a stoneware bowl found in country decor. I love the idea of replicating your decor style with your Fall pumpkins!

Decorating Pumpkins

Decorating pumpkins has gone way beyond carving. They can be painted or decorated with anything you can imagine! Just use your imagination!

What ways have you decorated your pumpkins?

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  1. Love the pumpkins!

  2. Still old fashioned enough to just cut a Jack-o-lantern pattern in mine on Halloween. But I use them throughout the garden and inside the house at this time of year.

    Love the ironstone painted one.

  3. The bug one really caught my eyes. Cute ideas.

  4. What cute ideas! You had me at the caterpillar! Thanks so much for such pumpkin fun!

    Have a great day rock star!

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