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Thanksgiving has passed and now we’re on to Christmas…the most wonderful time of the year! I’ve started some of my Christmas Decor, but in the meantime I thought I’d share some of my pictures from last year.

I’ve mentioned before that I have decorated using the Santa’s Belt theme the last couple of years. That was the inspiration for this year’s Advent Calendar.

Christmas Decor

For my tree topper, I made a large bow using two ribbons. I used a red glitter ribbon and a red and black check ribbon to create the look of the bow. I added a few floral picks of Holly and red glitter sprigs. I absolutely love the oversized Santa’s Belt ornaments and the cones! I found them in Pigeon Forge and I bought as many as I could. Finally, I added the Santa’s bag.

Christmas Decor

The black Santa’s belt is made from black velvet. The center section with the buckle was purchased at the Christmas shop in Pigeon Forge. I didn’t like it by itself, so I bought some black velvet fabric and created some extra length of belt. I love the look of it wrapping around the tree multiple times.

Christmas Decor

The tree is filled with our family ornaments that we have collected through the years. This is the tree that the gifts sit under, where Santa places his surprises and where we gather on Christmas morning. Therefore, we cherish the ornaments placed on it. The ornaments represent first Christmases, family vacations, new homes, favorite toys and other favorite memories. In a way, it is our tree of memories.

As I continue to work on my Christmas decor, I will share with you along the way!

Happy Holidays!

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      Thank you Diane! I love the family ornaments. They mean so much to us! I love the trees you have on your blog. Can’t wait to see yours. Thanks for stopping by!

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