Chinoiserie…Have you heard?

Have you heard of Chinoiserie? I hadn’t until I stumbled upon Chinoiserie Chic, a gorgeous blog by Beth. Chinoiserie is a French term, signifying “Chinese-esque.” Beth’s blog is devoted to Chinoiserie decor and it is fabulous! You must check it out!

Here are few of my favorites from Beth’s blog, Chinoiserie Chic:

I LOVE the coffee table! The pillows are exquisite! 

The high gloss paint is very Chinoiserie. You know my love of animal print…

This mirror is absolutely beautiful. I love the color and the lines.

I love the look of Chinoiserie. Most of us will not have it throughout our entire house, and that’s fine. We can use it in small doses. Just a touch would be great! A decorator friend of mine once told me that every home should have a touch of animal print and a touch of the orient.

Your “touch” could be a pillow, picture or mirror. Think about how you can add some Chinoiserie into your home. It’s elegant and gives an amazing sense of beauty to your space.

Have you used Chinoiserie in your home? Let me know!


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