Chair Re-Do in Navy Blue

Navy Chair Makeover


Last Thursday, I found myself at Restore. I got there early enough that I was one of the first through the door. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot in the way of great furniture, but I did find this chair. I knew immediately it could be a great chair re-d0!

chair re-do

Looks pretty ratty, but it was old. Bonus…it was only $15.

Now let me preface by saying that I normally would never do what I did, but…the spindle connecting the legs was broke in two and it had several dings and gashes in the wood itself. Plus, I only had one chair, not a set. So…I painted it. I would never paint an antique that was in great condition or was a family heirloom. But, I got a wild hair and this is what I did…

I really like it! It’s bright, fun and different.  I used spray paint and fabric that I already had, so hardly any expense at all! My kind of chair!

navy chair re-do

First, I removed the seat. It was simply screwed into the bottom. Once the seat was removed, I cleaned the chair frame with a mixture of blue Dawn liquid dish soap and vinegar and then removed the fabric from the chair seat. I used a flat head screwdriver and pliers to pull the staples out.

I went ahead and removed the padding, because I had some that was new left over from another project. I covered the seat with padding and batting. I cut the padding to the shape of the chair seat and the batting was cut about an inch longer on all sides, because it wraps around the edge of the seat and is stapled underneath.

chair cushion

Next layer was the fabric. I laid the chair, upside down on the back side of the fabric and cut about two inches around the outline of the seat. I just needed to be sure that I had enough to go over the edge of the seat and staple onto the bottom. After it was stapled, I trimmed off the excess fabric.

fabric cover

I pulled the fabric taut, so that it’s not loose and bumpy when someone sits on it. For the corners, I pulled the corner in first, then the right side, then the left side. It looks like this…

fabric covered cushion

For the chair frame, I began by fixing the broke spindle. I applied wood glue and clamped it together. Now, I didn’t have a clamp, so I made do…

chair repair

Next I put wood filler in all the cracks and dings. I let it dry and then lightly sanded the entire chair.

chair repair

Next, I had to wipe down and clean the chair after I finished sanding. The products I used for priming and painting were Zinner Cover Stain Primer and Valspar spray paint in Indigo, satin finish.


I put on one coat of the primer, waited an hour and put on the second coat. (It is oil based, so you will need to use mineral spirits to clean your brush, unless you use just a cheap chip brush that you don’t care to throw away.) That’s what I did…a lot easier. (After the primer dries, there may be a few places that might need to be lightly sanded, if the primer went on to thick.)

primed chair

I spray painted the chair the next day. It took two coats. I made sure to spray it lightly and smooth. I didn’t want drips or runs in the paint.

Navy chair re-do

After the paint had dried, I sprayed two coats of Miniwax Polyurethane in clear satin on the frame. I didn’t have to use the spray version, but I think it’s easier when it’s not a huge project. (You need to put the second coat on within 2 hours of the first coat. Then you have to wait 24 hours before doing the next step.)

Finally I was able to reattach the seat and there she is…

Navy Chair re-do

The fabric is Robert Allen’s Cat’s Cradle in Papaya. It can be special ordered from Hancock’s or JoAnn’s fabrics.

Navy chair re-do

I love it! I wish I had three more! I think they’d be awesome around a kitchen table.

My grandmother would get me for painting an antique chair! But…I’m glad I did. Let me know what you think…


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  1. says

    Oh how fun!! I have a chair that needs a re-do, and you have given me the confidence to actually DO IT. It doesn’t look that hard…. which usually means, it is?? Thanks for the awesome tutorial!! So glad I found you!

  2. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    I love how you used two of my favorite colors…looks GREAT!!!


    Drop by and enter my current GIVEAWAY…you will have a chance to WIN a canvas print from your family pics.

    • says

      Thanks Jeanette! I checked out your blog. Awesome! I’m your newest follower!
      I don’t know if you do linky parities, but I have just started a new one, Twirl & Take a Bow. It’s every Tuesday and your tutorials would be a great addition!

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing I found you at a link party. I have been trying to redo my kitchen chairs and I am agonizing over what fabric to choose. Yours are darling!

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. FYI, I’ll be joining you on Tuesday for your party. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  5. says

    Love your chair! It turned out so pretty! Really love that fabric! I have a link party on Tuesday also! I’ll have to remember to stop by for yours!


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