Planning for Thanksgiving Dinner

feathers and bittersweet for thanksgiving

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~Making Plans~   Has your Thanksgiving traditions remained the same throughout the years, or have you made changes? Sometimes changes are inevitable and sometimes they’re necessary. Change can also be intentional, as in a choice we make to enhance the experience. For me, a change in our Thanksgiving tradition was inevitable,

Burlap Stenciled Table Runner

Burlap Stenciled Table Runners

~Easy No-Sew Table Runner~   Last night I realized that I never shared my Burlap Stenciled Table Runner that I made for my Thanksgiving table. In fact, I have two burlap stenciled table runners to share! This is absolutely the easiest project ever….completely no-sew! All you have to do is cut your burlap to fit your table. I chose to create two smaller runners that

Thanksgiving Table Traditions

Thanksgiving Table

 ~#MyKindOfHoliday~   I think we all have Thanksgiving traditions that we love and cherish. It may be watching a Thanksgiving parade with your children or perhaps it’s a Christmas movie to get in the holiday spirit. It may be your famous pecan pie or cranberry salad. Setting a classic Thanksgiving table is one of my new favorite Thanksgiving table traditions. I want the table where

Gifts for Your Guests at Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner gift

~Make it Personal~   There are so many things to do and plans to make when it comes to the annual Thanksgiving Dinner. I’m joining in with an amazing group of bloggers to bring you a Virtual Progressive Thanksgiving Dinner. We’re covering everything you need for your holiday dinner. We have the decor…we have the food…and we have Thanksgiving dinner gifts. For my part of

Add Some Fun to the Thanksgiving Table

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  I know you remember those days. The days when you were doomed to sit at the kids’ table at Thanksgiving. I remember being so excited the year that I graduated to the big table! When I look back, I realize the kid’s table wasn’t fun. We had paper plates and plastic cups. There weren’t pretty napkins sitting beside pretty plates. There wasn’t a centerpiece

How To Make a Chalkboard from a Pane of Glass

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Do you have an extra piece of glass lying around? Maybe you have an old picture frame hidden away somewhere…or maybe you’re like me and you used the frame for a Paper Art project and that left you with a lonesome piece of glass… What do you do with that piece of glass? You turn it into a chalkboard of course! With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching,

Chalkboard Tags – Guest Post

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 ~Quick and Easy Craft~   Do you remember when I shared the great three-tier shelf that I’d found at the peddler’s mall? That purchase led to my quest for organization in my home office/craft room… Which led to a great basket purchase… Which led to some adorable chalkboard tags. The chalkboard tags are perfect for labeling my new baskets filled with my craft supplies. I

On This Thanksgiving Day, Count Your Blessings…


…Name Them One By One   Today is a day of Thanksgiving. A day in which we celebrate and reflect on the blessings that we have in our lives. A day to be thankful! Thank you Lord…   for the many times a day that I hear “mom!” ~ it means that I have 4 beautiful children that fill my heart. for the cabinet doors

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

 Plans For The Big Day   Let’s talk turkey!…How do you spend your Thanksgiving? What are your family traditions? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At my house, we love a parade!   First and foremost, one of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! As a child, I would sit at the t.v. with my eyes glued to the set, looking for that first glimpse

Thanksgiving Treats & Fall Fun Features

Thanksgiving party features

It’s Time for Our Thanksgiving Features   Thanksgiving Treats and Fall Fun Link Party! Today it is time for all of us to share our features from the the Thanksgiving Treats & Fall Fun link party! Claiming Our Space along with Love and Laundry, House on the Way, One Creative Mommy, Mamal Diane, Jane’s Adventures in Dinner and 4 You With Love each have selected