Monogrammed Tea-Stained Easter Eggs

Monogrammed Easter Egg

~Make Mine a Monogram~   Today I’m sharing my monogrammed Easter eggs. You know I love anything with a monogram! I also love trying something new. So…I blew out eggs. That’s right. I poked a hole in each end of an egg and blew. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.…

The Greatest is Love Valentine’s Day Bunting

Love Bunting

  ~The Greatest Gift~   Valentine’s Day will be making its debut very soon. It will show up with its red hearts and pink candies. There will be flowers and chocolates….lots of chocolates… To prepare for its arrival, we’ll cut out paper hearts and make pink and red pom poms. There will be talk of hugs and kisses and “I love you” will be said

Tissue Paper Valentine Crafts

Heart Wreath Featured Image

Lots of Love Valentine Crafts   Valentine’s Day is starting to creep into our minds. Our thoughts are turning to Valentine’s parties and decorations. Our mouths are watering over thoughts of chocolates and candy hearts. I’m steering my thoughts toward tissue paper Valentine crafts. I love working with paper, especially tissue paper.…

5 Tips for Easy and Affordable Gift Wrap

Christmas gift wrap Featured Image

I feel like I’ve been MIA for the last week. Really, I have been. This holiday season has given me a one-two punch. I didn’t even do Christmas cards till yesterday…and I always do a Christmas card! Thank goodness for one-hour photo……

DIY Urchin Christmas Ornament

DIY Urchin Christmas Ornament

Have you ever had a particular image in your mind? Maybe an idea for a look or style that you wanted… Like that perfect Christmas tree covered with gorgeous handmade snowflakes. You guessed it…that was the image I had in my mind when I began planning my holiday decor this year.…

DIY Photo Collage Christmas Wreath

DIY Photo Collage Christmas Wreath Featured Image

One of my favorite projects of all time is the set of DIY Photo Collage Letters that I created for my daughter’s graduation party. I wanted to have a photo board at the party, but I wanted something different and special. It was perfect for her party, which lead me to the idea of using the same concept in my Christmas decor.…

Welcome Home Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Welcome Home Outdoor Christmas Decorations

How do you welcome people home for the holidays? Do you hang a wreath on the door or put candles in the windows? Maybe you string lights along the landscaping. Each year I try to create a warm and welcoming outdoor scene for Christmas. I want my friends and family to get a little Christmas spirit before they even walk through the front door.…

12 Days of Christmas & 5 Golden Rings

5 Golden Rings Featured Image

Today’s a big day. It’s my birthday! Let’s not discuss the number, but relish on the fact that today is my special day. There won’t be balloons or even a cake, but it’s my day…and I’ll take it… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m also participating in the 12 Days of Christmas with a group of amazing bloggers.…

DIY Basket Christmas Tree Skirt

DIY Basket Christmas Tree Skirt-2

Have you ever had a dream? Specifically a dream about having the perfect decorative piece for your home. I’m talking about the one thing that would make the room complete. Or the one simple thing that would be ideal…if you could only find it. I’m referring to the absolute…without a doubt…best tree skirt for my Christmas tree.…

How to Make Tassel Christmas Ornaments

Tassel Ornament Featured Picture

Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are the ones that are handmade. Hallmark ornaments are gorgeous and the personalized ones from the mall are so cute, but nothing beats the paper tree or the pine cone reindeer that my littles ones made. I hang them lovingly on the tree each year, because they are more precious to me than any others we have.…