How High Should Curtains Be Hung?

Curtains Hung

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.     One question that I get asked a lot, is “how high should I hang my curtains?” It’s actually a really great question and while I have my opinion on the subject, most of the time it’s a matter of […]

A Virtual Way to Gather Ideas

Hometalk Clipboard Silver Cleaning

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~Virtual Clipboard~   Do you remember last week when I shared my experience with cleaning the tarnish from my silver plated flea market finds? I shared my post on Hometalk and I had a few people tell me that my […]

Clean Tarnish from Silver and Silver Plating

Cleaning Tarnish from Silver and Silver Plating

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~Sparkle and Shine~   Years ago, I remember my grandmother showing me one of her latest antique prizes and pointing out the large hole in one of the shelves. At the time,  I thought, “Why would you want a piece […]

Repairing a Footstool with Gorilla Glue

footstool repair

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~Strong and Solid~   Last week, I briefly mentioned a footstool that I needed to repair. That repair lead me to wonder if it was actually a footstool or an ottoman…if you’ve ever wondered that too, you can check out […]

Is it an Ottoman, Footstool or a Hassock?

ottoman or footstool

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~What’s the Difference?~   I would be willing to guess that most of us have an ottoman in our home. I have several…some that are cube shaped, some with legs and one with casters. They serve several different purposes, although […]

Securing a Duvet Cover to Your Duvet

Securing a Duvet Cover

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~No More Moving Around~   The thing I hate most about using a duvet on my bed is when is sifts and moves around inside the cover. Do you know what I mean? It’s so annoying! What makes it even […]

Tips for Navigating the Paris Metro

Paris Metro Sign

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~A Great Way to Travel~   Last week, when I shared a few pictures from my recent trip to Paris, I had a few readers mention that they had upcoming trips planned and that they would love some more tips. […]

For the Love of Command Strips

Command Picture Hanging Strips

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~A Better Way to Hang~    What I’m about to share with you is probably not news to you. In fact, I bet you’re going to say, “I love them too!” If so, then you know why I’m singing praises. […]

Tips On Using Pinterest

tips for using pinterest

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.   ~Making Pinterest Work for You~   I think it’s fairly safe to say that Pinterest has been a tool that most of us have used for a while now. As a blogger, I use it for not only gathering ideas […]

Let’s Talk Throw Pillows

throw pillows

~Size, Shape & Style~   One of my favorite decorative items for the home are throw pillows. With different sizes, shapes and styles, throw pillows can add a touch of beauty to any space. Think about it…what would a sofa be without throw pillows? What about that bed? You guessed it…boring. source: Pottery Barn ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ […]

The Golden Rooster

Metallic Home Decor Accessories

~Brass Animals~   Gold is my new favorite color in accessories, both in fashion and for the home. I’ve always been a silver kind of girl, but at the moment…I’m loving the gold! And I’m really loving the trend of using brass animals in home decor. source: One Kings Lane But who says you must […]

Perfect Painted Stripes and Office Update

Perfect Painted Stripes

~Another Painted Feature Wall~   I have to admit it… I change my mind…a lot! My latest project re-do is the feature wall in my home office/craft room. If you remember, I originally stenciled this design on that wall. But, I just have to admit that I was never really satisfied with not only the […]

My New Coffee Station

coffee station

~Need a Coffee Break~   I got a whim to create a new coffee station after deciding I was tired of running around my kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Ok…maybe not literally running…but it felt like it because everything I needed to create a cup of coffee was in different locations of my […]

How to Hang a Shelf With Two Keyholes

Wall shelf

~Easy Way to Hang a Shelf~    I’m going to admit something to you…I usually “eyeball” things when I hang them. I don’t always measure or use a level. I know!.. Not always smart, but I’m pretty good at eyeballing. But I do know there are times when you have to get it right and […]

My Go-To Stain Remover

Removing Stain Cover

~Keep It Clean~   Years ago I purchased a new sofa and I was so excited the day it was delivered. You know that anticipation when you get new furniture. It gets moved in. You tell the movers exactly where you want it, because you’ve had it planned for weeks. And then…you notice a stain on the arm […]

Beyond the Grill with an Outdoor Space

Outdoor Patio Ideas

~Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space~   This is a sponsored post written by me for The Home Depot. #DigIn Last summer I was on the hunt for some new outdoor furniture for our summer home. We needed to fill a balcony. My first stop was The Home Depot. I knew when I walked in that […]

How to Create an Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape

~Set the Table for Easter~   Celebrate Easter dinner with a gorgeous table setting. An Easter tablescape doesn’t have to be extravagant. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It needs to be welcoming and inviting for your family and friends. Easter is the holiday in which we color our eggs and grab our baskets, so […]

Priming Furniture Tips

Pottery Barn Bookcase

Preparing and Priming Furniture Tips Making Life A Little Easier   In my last post I told you about my new project. I’m turning my guest room into my office and craft room. I have some furniture that I can use, but I’m going to have some spend some time priming and painting. While I’m […]

How To Arrange Fall Flowers

Fall Flower Arrangements

Leaves, Mums & More   This Saturday, my church is hosting a Ladies Inspirational Day and I have been working on the Fall flower arrangements for the tables. Since I was already at work, I thought I’d share my steps for arranging flowers. Keep in mind, I am not a florist and I’ve never taken […]

Decorating With Baskets

Slider Photo

Baskets   There are many styles and types of baskets. I like to have a mixture of baskets in my home. If I like look of a basket, I’ll get it! I tend to like the older baskets that have the warm patina to them as well as any basket that has an interesting weave. […]

Fall Decor at “My House”

Slider S

  Fall Mantel & Tablescape   It’s September! Can you believe it?!?! Countdown to Fall…time to decorate our space with our Fall Decor. Which means money! But, don’t forget…school just started. Which means money! Let’s try to save some money! Dig out some of your old pumpkins, ribbon, etc and let’s get to work!

Anchors Away…Best Ever!


I have to share with you an item that has changed the way I look at hanging things on my walls. It is the best wall anchor that I have EVER used! So easy and will hold anything! (at least anything that I’ve hung!)

So…A Needle Pulling Thread…


~How to Sew a Pillow~   No, it’s not the Sound of Music…we’re going to learn how to sew a pillow! I began sewing about 20 years ago, but I wanted to refresh and refine my skills. I knew that there were probably some “better ways to do things.” So, I signed up for a […]

It Was Colonel Mustard, In The Library, With The Candlestick


Thursday, I made a visit to our local Restore “store.” I stumbled across some candlesticks that made me say, “Those are so little and cute!” Usually, when that crosses my mind, the next thought is, “Oh yes. Those are going home with me.” Here is what I scored for $3.25! Six adorable candlesticks! Aren’t they […]

Dishes Under Glass


In my kitchen, I have a set of cabinets that have glass doors. For years, I wanted glass door cabinets and when we moved into our current house, I got my wish! Be careful what you wish for… Don’t get me wrong…I love them and I’m glad I have them…but they can cause some minor […]