Burlap Bombshells

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I’ve contemplated my Fall decor for my front porch for several days. At the end of July, I did a makeover on my wicker settee, seen here. I knew that I would need some cute pillows for the Fall, because the ones I had on there were very “summer.” Add to that all the amazing burlap projects going on right now…and I came up with these Burlap Bombshells…

Stenciled Burlap Pillow

I am SO in love with the striped one! It even came about at the last-minute. Sometimes, those are the best.

Here’s how I made them…

I picked up 2 burlap sacks at Tractor Supply and for my “stencil,” I went to Microsoft Word and printed off an “S” in the largest font that would fit on my paper. The font is Lucinda Calligraphy and the size was 500.

I had two old outdoor pillows that I had intended to throw away, so guess what…pillow forms. Placing the pillow inside the sack, I determined where the center would be for my monogram and using an exacto knife, I cut out the letter and placed it in the center of the pillow.

I used Frog Tape to hold the stencil on the burlap and used paper to cover the rest of the burlap, so that I could paint my “S” on the sack.

stenciled burlap pillow

I used some cheap $.99 black spray paint. It was simply and on hand. The result…

stenciled burlap pillow

The bag was somewhat see-through and my old pillows were red, so I folded the sack inside itself, to “double-layer” the fabric. The bag was already sewn on three sides, obviously, but I wanted frayed ends, so I made a stitch on the bottom and sides of the bag about 1 inch from the edge.

stenciled burlap pillow

After I inserted the pillow, I hand stitched it closed and cut the edges with scissors.

stenciled burlap pillow

stenciled burlap pillow

Once the ends were clipped, I simply pulled away threads to make the frayed look. Easy…but burlap was everywhere!

stenciled burlap pillow

After I finished my pillow with the initial, I went ahead and made another pillow, but left it blank.

stenciled burlap pillow

Then I thought, “Nah. It’s needs something.” So I grabbed my Frog Tape and taped off the fringe and created some stripes. Sorry, but I don’t have any pictures of that. I got going and totally forgot!

I did the same thing…$.99 black spray paint…

I took the tape off and LOVED IT! I’m thinking another trip to Tractor Supply is in order. I’d love to have one more striped pillow.

stenciled burlap pillow

I put them on my wicker settee to see how they’d look. I am so pumped about finishing my porch for Fall! These Burlap Bombshells are a great beginning!

One funny thing…my kids came home from school and asked what I was doing and I told them I was making a burlap pillow. My son said, “Who in the world wants to sleep on a burlap pillow?!?!?”

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    Hi – I just found your site through the sasse life sunday social. Your projects are great. I am your newest follower. I hope you have an opportunity to stop by TheStuffofSuccess to say hello. Have a terrific week. Athena

  2. 7


    Those look great! Love the look of burlap – especially for the fall! Stopping by to say hello from the blog hop!


  3. 15


    Oh my goodness…laughing so hard here at your son’s reply…too cute!!!
    And your pillows are amazing! I think they turned out perfect, no wonder you had a moment.
    Saw you sharing at Serenity Now
    Debbie :)

  4. 24

    Charde says

    These came out awesome! Do you have any advice to get that awful smell out of burlap before you sew them?


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