Anchors Away…Best Ever!

I have to share with you an item that has changed the way I look at hanging things on my walls. It is the best wall anchor that I have EVER used! So easy and will hold anything! (at least anything that I’ve hung!)

They are Toggler SnapSkru Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors…

They are now sold in all Lowe’s stores as well as True Value. You can check out their website for other locations and products.

My son has a wall guitar hanger that has started to come loose. Check out what happened with using those old regular “blue” alligator anchors.

You know what I’m talking about…I hate them! They don’t always work and they’re a pain to put in the wall. Every time I would go to install them, I’d start with a feeling of dread, because inevitably, I’d screw it up and put a big hole in the wall!

(Don’t know why the wall color looks so different in this picture?!)

Now let’s talk about the Toggler anchors! I normally would not have used this size for this guitar hanger, but I needed them to be bigger than the existing hole made by the blue anchors. The Toggler SnapSkru anchors come in a variety of sizes. 

They simply screw into the wall with a Phillips screwdriver. That’s it! Easy!

This hanger is going nowhere! Staying put!

Now my son can feel confident that his guitar is secure.

I am not being compensated in any way by Toggler. I just love these anchors and had to share how easy and wonderful they are!

I have used them to hang my curtain rods, mirrors, pictures, etc…Anything that needs an anchor!

Get some today! You will not be sorry!

Throw those other “anchors away!”


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    I’ve been using this type of anchor for several years and love them! If there’s a bad side to them, it’s that the hole you have to patch is a little larger. But that doesn’t matter to me because they work so well!

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    Found you via Google +-Love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Anytime there is a product that can make my life easier-I am all about finding out about it!
    Thanks again!
    Please stop by sometime and say hello!

    have a happy Thursday!