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It’s so nice to meet you! Let me a tell you a little about myself and my blog…


All About Me…

I’m a wife and mother of three boys, one girl and a toy poodle named Charlie.  I have a degree in Elementary Education, but chose to be a stay-at-home mom. We call Kentucky home and Florida our home away from home.

I’m a blogger, which technically makes me a writer. I’m an interior decorator, DIYer, crafter and a television spokesperson. You can find me on WTVQ36 on the first Tuesday of the month, sharing quick and easy DIYs for the home.

I truly have a love for design and home decor and I am continually working to make our house a beautiful home.  I find that it is a continual process that changes as I evolve as a person, wife and mother.  I consider my style to be eclectic…a little bit of everything.  I mix antiques and flea market finds with current new pieces.  I want my home to be layered with pieces that tell a story….the story of our lives.

And by the way, RED is my signature color!

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How the Blog Began…

Becoming a blogger was something that sort of just happened. A few years ago, we purchased a vacation home in Florida and I became obsessed with creating a beautiful vacation retreat for my family. I began creating, decorating and DIYing my way through each room. After I created a DIY headboard for my daughter’s room and my Sea Fan Wall for the dining room, it was my daughter who suggested I start a blog and share my creations.

Start a blog? Why not…

I began thinking about what I wanted the blog to be about and what I wanted to share. I realized that I wanted it to be about two things:


Isn’t that what a home should be? Beautiful?

Not just aesthetically beautiful, but beautiful in every way…in meaningful ways. It needs to be a place where your family gathers and finds peace and comfort. It needs to welcome not only your guests, but you. It should make you happy just to be there.

One definition of the word Home is the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered.”



My goal for this blog is to share and hopefully inspire my readers with my ideas and thoughts on home decor and other many things that we can do to make our homes beautiful.  This blog is written for those who seek to have a home that is not only lovely but is also warm, comforting and welcoming.

What’s in a Name…

Let me give a little explanation of the name House on the Way…

We do not live on a street, avenue or road.  We live on a “way.” Our house is literally on a WAY…and since creating a beautiful home is a continual process, my house is always on the way to becoming beautiful.

Hence the name…House on the Way.


A Few of My Favorite Things…

Some of my favorite projects ever:

And my most popular post:

DIY Photo Collage Letters-11


Let’s Connect…

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Follow me on my journey of all things beautiful as I create and design, ensuring that my House is on the Way to becoming a beautiful home….


Thank you so much for stopping by my house!

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