A Pretty Pom-Pom Idea

Pom-Poms Make Us Cheer!


Pom Pom

Have you jumped on the pom-pom bandwagon? Yes…I have! For me, it began with a great wreath from It’s Overflowing. Aimee did a great knockoff of Anthropologie’s pom-pom wreath. Next, I fell for Kelly’s  flowers at Eclectically Vintage. Both talented ladies used a fork to make their creations. You heard right…a fork!

I began brainstorming how I’d like to use the little fluff balls in my decor. With a beautiful wreath and flower bouquet already floating around out there, my thought was, “why not use them as you would use decorative balls?!?!”

Pom POm

So…I grabbed my yarn and a fork and got to work!

I made a discovery…my forks are very slender. Who knew?! My first pom-pom was really tiny and not very puffy. Therefore I tried a few other things and discovered that I liked the size of them using two of my fingers. I simply wrapped the yarn around two fingers instead of a fork. You must wrap the yarn anywhere from 25-50 times around your fork…or fingers. You will need to find the “look” you want for your pom-poms.

Pom Pom

Once you have the yarn wrapped, you then take a separate piece of string and tie it around the middle of the wrapped bundle. Tie a tight knot to secure the yarn.

Pom Pom

Next take scissors and cut the loops formed by wrapping the yarn.

Pom pom

The last step is to separate and fluff the yarn. Be sure to trim the yarn to get the size and shape you want.

Pom Pom

I made an arrangement of my pom-poms and pieces of wood from some potpourri.

Pom Pom

I love the crystal with the mercury glass.

Pom Pom

The red really pops and I love the mix of textures. The softness of the yarn against the wood adds interest to the display.

Pom Pom

Pom Pom

How fun are the pom-poms?!

I remember wearing them on my roller skates! They were fun then and they’re fun now!…just in a different way!

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      They would make a great Valentine project! You could do something so cute with pink, white and red. Have fun with it and have a great weekend!

  1. says

    I used to make these years ago when I crocheted a lot. They always dressed up a sweater or poncho, especially for the little ones. It is good to see them coming back in such lovely ways. Some of the glittery yarns on the market today make for some really pretty pom-poms. I think I might get busy and make some for next Christmas’s decorations, gifts, etc.


  1. […] Because the cushion was tufted, I knew the cover would look better if it was tufted along with the cushion. At first, I thought I would do fabric covered buttons, but then I decided that since it was for my daughter, I should “fun it up.” I found this great multicolored yarn and knew it would make adorable pom-poms! You can get the how-to on pom-poms HERE. […]

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