2013 Journaling & Blogging Agenda

Journal Entry #1

Folk Magazine has a great project going…a 2013 Journaling/Blogging Agenda where they give a writing prompt for every week of the year. Each week I will write a journal entry. I think it’s an amazing idea and I’m jumping on the band wagon!

Journal entry

Here is the journaling agenda for January 2013.

Journal entry

For this week’s journal entry, I must write a letter my 2012 self, reflecting on the lessons I learned and how I will use that knowledge in the upcoming year. Without further adieu, here I go…


Dear Leslie,

What a year! This past year was full of new adventures. You turned 40. You took a plunge. You stepped out of your box. You learned something new. You started a blog. You found yourself.

I think you handled turning 40 very well! You didn’t freak out and buy a convertible…perhaps that’s a man thing. You didn’t freak out and get botox…although…that’s not a bad idea! Maybe in 2013!

You noticed that your kids are growing up…too fast! You spent a great summer at the beach with your family. I think you did much better this year in slowing down and enjoying your family. You actually went all summer without wearing a watch!

Earlier in the year you worked so hard to create a wonderful vacation home for your family. You ultimately began your DIY journey while creating headboards and painting furniture during the summer. You were smart enough to begin blogging about your adventures in home decor and design…thanks to an idea planted in your head by your daughter. I guess she’s the smart one!

When you started House on the Way on July 22nd, you had no idea that you were entering into a role that would become so important and inspiring to your life. You have found something that you love and enjoy…something that makes you happy. You learned a little about HTML, SEO and you learned to tweet! Of course, you had to google “tweeting for dummies,” but now you can tweet with the best of them!

I commend you for working hard and starting something new. You stepped out of your comfort zone. The next step is to take your blog to the next level! Create great content and give your readers ideas that will inspire them. Continue to increase your understanding and knowledge of the technical side of blogging. The more you learn, the better you will become. Focus on your relationships with your fellow bloggers. They inspire and support you in so many ways.

You’re entering the next part of your life. Learn to enjoy each day…work hard…love others…live your life as you should…have a great 2013!

Your New Year Self,

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  1. says

    Congratulations on turning 40! I’d love to do a writing prompt like this but I always find them when it’s too late. I love the letter you wrote to yourself! I hope you had a great 2012 & an amazing 2013!

  2. says

    I love that you have stepped out of your comfort zone and started your blog. It looks great! You obviously have a talent for blogging! You’ve picked it up quick! Thanks for participating in our community blogging project. I am looking forward to reading your entries throughout the year and getting know you better.

    FOLK Magazine

    • says

      Thank you Hillary! I am so excited to be participating. What a great idea! Thanks to FOLK for such a fun project. Have a great week!


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