Saturday Night Fever (on a Tuesday)

Disco Ball

Disco Ball DIY   My daughter is a senior this year and is finishing up her last day of band camp. Part of being a senior in band means that on the last day, you get to decorate the band room in a theme. She and her fellow band members chose “disco.” And since, according […]

You Rocked The Vote!

Glass Bowl

Remember last Wednesday when I took the trip to HomeGoods and came home with a trunk load of beautiful, glorious glass bowls?!?!? (Well, not a truck load…) I did have 3 that I had fallen in love with, but knew I only needed to keep one. So I asked for your help and we took […]

Favorite Fabulous Frames

Antique Print

Antique Frames   Everyone has something in their home decor that they are drawn to…what I mean is, something that is their “thing.” For example, I love antique picture frames. I love them large. I love them small. I love them all! My late grandmother was an antique dealer. She shared her love of antiques […]

Curtain Call

Tie Top

Let’s talk curtains…Do you get a little confused and frustrated by the different styles of curtains that are available for your home? You have to think about length, width, fabric, headers, hardware, etc. It can be overwhelming. I wanted to talk to you today about some of the different styles of curtains that you can […]

Map Out Your Journey To Fun Decor


Maps are very trendy right now. In fact, they have been for the last year. They are being used everywhere in decor. The best part is that it is a very inexpensive way to decorate. You can easily turn a map into a work of art or use it as a family keepsake to remember […]

Coffee Tables…They’re Not Just For Coffee Any More

5 Tips for Decorating a Coffee Table

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post. Subscribe by email.     ~Helpful Hints for Decorating Coffee Tables~   Today I received a request from a reader, and friend, asking for a post about decorating coffee tables. So I jumped into high gear and “shopped” my house. Helpful hint #1 ~ Go […]

It’s Not a Glass Slipper…Let’s Take a Vote

Peacock Glass Bowl

HomeGoods Glassware   Yesterday I visited one of my favorite places on earth…HomeGoods. It was one of those GOOD days! One of those days when you walk in and it seems like you love everything in the store. I gravitated toward the beautiful glass pieces. Gorgeous plates, bowls and vases. Here’s a sampling… I’m really […]

Jewelry Holder Extraordinaire

Jewelry Holder

Get Updated When House on the Way Has A New Post.  Subscribe by email. ~Sweet Sixteen~   My daughter is like most women…a lot of jewelry and no place to put it! Necklaces overflowing. Earrings everywhere. Glass jars full of bracelets. (Never mind the fact that she probably has 2 or 3 jewelry boxes stuffed somewhere.) […]

Camouflage Can Be A Girl’s Best Friend

Gallery Wall

We all want to hide something at sometime.  In fact, we probably want to hide lots of things all the time!  We hide toys in baskets and junk mail in drawers.  We stuff our dirty laundry into a hamper.  Camouflage is a good thing.  It helps us hide the ugly, making the space beautiful. Take […]

Red is my Signature Color

Living Room Sofa

For the Love of Red   What can I say?  I LOVE red!  It’s one of those colors that “you either love it or you hate it.”  And that’s ok.  We have a choice.  I just usually choose red… That’s not to say that I bathe my walls in red or have wall to wall […]

Welcome to my House! Come on in…

House on the Way

    Today is day 1 of my new experience…blogging.  I’m very excited but also a little overwhelmed and confused!  We’ll see how it goes! Let’s begin with the name…House on the Way.  I do not live on a street or an avenue.  I live on a “way” and I’m constantly working to make my […]