2012 Blog Year in Review

Take a Look Back…My House 2012 Blog Year in Review


2012 blog year in review

 Shouldn’t we end every year with a quick year in review? Shouldn’t we look back and see what we’ve done…what we’ve accomplished…what we didn’t? Yes! So today, I’m sharing my 2012 Blog Year in Review!

Really….it’s more of a 1/2 year in review! I began my new blogging adventure in July of this year but it’s been a very busy, exciting 1/2 year!

When I started House on the Way I had no idea what a wonderful experience it would bring into my life. I am having such a blast working on this blog. I’ve made so many new friends in the blogosphere and learned so much from each and every one of them.

And you!…my readers are the best! I want to say thank you for your support. I love that you’re there, reading and commenting on my posts and projects. If it were not for your following, I would be no where!

So without further ado…let’s take a quick look back at House on the Way in 2012…


My first feature was at House of Hepworth’s, where Allison featured my DIY Disco Ball made from old CDs. I was so excited!

2012 Blog year in review

One of my most popular posts was my Camouflage Can Be a Girl’s Best Friend where I shared a great idea for creating a gallery wall to cover up anything ugly (like a breaker box) on your walls!

2012 blog year in review

I loved my Chair Re-do in Navy Blue! This great chair was scored from Restore for $10 and what a score it became with a coat of paint and some great fabric!

2012 blog year in review

This mirror was one of my best finds of the year! I love my unique triple mirror! I added a little hand painted design to create some added interest.

2012 blog year in review

My personal favorite DIY project was my Swan artwork! I had pinned an example of some great wooden swan signs and I finally got around to doing my own.

2012 blog year in review

I tried something new for Christmas this year…an alternative to traditional garland. I used Christmas swags on my staircase. It was a fresh new look that was a fun and creative addition for my Christmas decor.

2012 blog year in review


What a great year and I’m so excited about 2013! I’m starting to gather my thoughts on resolutions and ideas for some great DIYs!

Thanks again for making such a difference in my blog and my life!

Have a very Happy New Year!

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  1. says


    What an amazing group of projects…..but I think I like that mirror best!
    Happy happy New Year to you and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


    • says

      Thank you Karianne! That mirror is so unique. I just love it! Our Christmas was lovely. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too and have a Happy New Year!

  2. says

    What a great year of posts. I love that swan sign..so very pretty. I actually have this large tray that I have been trying to think of something to do with it. I just haven’t been inspired by anything to paint it…that just may be what I’ve been looking for. Love your style. Consider me one of your new followers for the new year!

    • says

      Thank you Christina! I just visited your blog and love it! I feel in love with the compass rose dresser in your son’s room. I have a table I’ve been wanting to do a compass rose on. You’ve inspired me! Have a great week!

  3. says

    2012 was amazing!! Looking forward to seeing your creations in 2013!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    • says

      Thanks Katherine! I just hopped over and entered your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I’d like to invite you to join in my Twirl & Take a Bow linky party. It’s every Tuesday through Sunday. Have a great week!

  4. says

    Lovely blog…been hopping around and found your blog…now subscribing…I’ll be back again for sure…please come on over and visit…nice to meet you, Mariaelena

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